The company

EDGAR HASENBURG GmbH + Co. KG is a globally active trading company specialising in steel and stainless steel raw materials.

Since its incorporation in 1998, we have developed an extensive network from which our customers and suppliers benefit. The company’s founder, Edgar Hasenburg, came from the foundry industry and, even after his move into raw materials trading, has always attached great importance to establishing (and maintaining) a sound knowledge of materials and production-specific requirements in his company. To this day, and following a generational change in leadership, we do not see ourselves exclusively as a trader in raw materials and scrap, but rather as a competent partner to stainless steel producers and processors. In doing so, our efforts are never short-term; instead, we always keep an eye on developing long-term. We attach great importance to acting as a reliable partner to our customers and suppliers over many years and embracing economic developments as they unfold.